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Hokkaido: Mr./Ms. Ouchi mansion Flooring of “Hinoki”


Mr. Kureza of business charge of Higashi Nihon House Ltd.
"It is a floor material to understand wonderful of a genuine material."

Nice to meet you. I am Kureza at the Kushiro branch of Higashi Nihon House Ltd. This time, it is a person in charge of business in the company that allowed me to help the Mr./Ms. Ouchi mansion in Hokkaido. Thank you indeed for delivering materials for this time. Well, as this sudden mail of today, it is safely a report of the thing of the Mr./Ms. Ouchi mansion that is handed over and can done. Moreover, I will attach the usage condition photographs of the floor material and the spandrel wall material, etc. to allow me to use it this time. In the photograph, I understand wonderful of a genuine material really well when actually seeing, and touching though might not transmit easily.


Hokkaido: Mr./Ms. Ouchi
"Floor warm as if there was floor heating"

Hello. I am Ouchi who bought the alcove slab, the spandrel wall material, and the furniture of building at the end of last year.
It has been said to there is not a device of the floor heating when the floor of flooring is also warm, and friends are called either, 'It is warm as if there was a floor heating'.
Thank you really.




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