Company Overview

Company Name Ootani Ltd.
Address Main Office:
97 Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara

TEL: 0746-32-5433
FAX: 0746-32-1176
Established April 1st, 1996
Capital \10,000,000
Representative Sunawo Otani, CEO
Employees 15
Business 1.Lumber,
2.Building materials
3.Precious woods
4.Sales of construction materials
5.Manufacture and sales of laminated wood
6.Production of raw materials
Patent No. 11615 (General-7), Nara Prefectural Governor
Banks Risona Bank



1990 Purchased new factory
1994 Introduced first period facilities
1996 Established Otani Co., Ltd. Implemented second period facilities
1997 Completed first exhibition area
1998 Began wood construction business
2000 Introduced computer equipment
2001 Opened homepage, began internet sales
2002 Constructed second warehouse in Higaimoto, Oyodo-cho along with second exhibition area
2004 Completed third exhibition area, registered with the Nara prefectural and Kansai area small and medium enterprise databases
2004 Joined the PurtyCiub life benefit society


Management Philisophy


Showing the goodness and importance of wood to everyone in the nation through the sales of Yoshino sugi and hinoki.


Greetings from the President


Situated in the historic Yoshinoyama of Yoshino-ch? in Nara, our company has always appreciated the patronage of its customers as a manufacturer of Yoshino lumber.
My grandfather began our business in 1939 as ?tani Lumber and in 1950 my father began managing the business as ?tani Woodworking. I am now the third generation.
We have appreciated your business over the past 57 years and have done our best with each generation to satisfy our customer’s needs with high quality and low prices.
From this history, ?tani Ltd. was established on January 13th, 1995. On April 1st,1996 the company’s name was changed to ?tani Co., Ltd. and was reorganized as we move forward with lines of business that are suitable for operation as a lumber department store.
Our company was once focused on the production of basic construction materials but we have now begun to work in wood drying and processing for interior design.
We want to do our utmost in offering you quality wood products from the beautiful forests of Yoshino at a low price.
We hope to do business with you in the near future.





Main Products

  • Sugi Construction Materials
  • Sugi Furnishing Materials
  • Hinoki Construction Materials
  • Hinoki Furnishing Materials

Sugi Furnishing Materials

  • A new case was added to the construction case.
  • The homepage was opened.
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